Convocation for NUST SEECS graduates for the Class of 2015 - BS(CS)-1, BE(SE)-2 & BEE-3 is being held at NUST H-12 Campus on 
14th November 2015 | Jinnah Auditorium

(Registration is Closed)

Please note that in case you do not register for the ceremony you may miss out once in a life time opportunity to attend your undergraduate graduation ceremony.

Seat allocation for the graduating students is on first-come, first-served.

Full Dress Rehearsal Program & Guidelines 


Full Dress Rehearsal
Date: Friday, 13th Nov, 2015
Time:  3:00 pm
Venue: Jinnah Auditorium

  • Students ​should report at SEECS to receive their Gowns and Caps from SEECS Academic Block Lobby​ at 9:00 am ​on 13th Nov, 2015​.
  • Convocation Gowns and Headgear (Cap) will be issued to students on depositing a security of Rs 4000/- (i.e. Rs 2000/- each for Gown & Cap). The same will be refunded after returning the gown and the cap to SEECS staff.
  • Invitation cards with guest entrance passes must be collected from SEECS Reception on 13th Nov, 2015
  • Full-dress rehearsal will start at 3:00 pm sharp in Jinnah Auditorium; all students are expected to be there after receiving their gowns & caps.

Convocation Photography Guidelines

  • NUST Official Photographer, Mr. Ghulam Rasool will be present for photography and registration desk will be available in Jinnah Auditorium.
  • A4 size (photo size 8x12), pack of 4 snaps (including degree receiving photo, class group photo, individual portrait, and portrait with family or friends degree) will cost Rs.1000
  • Legal size (which is bigger than A4: photo size 10x15), pack of 4 snaps (including degree receiving photo, class group photo, individual portrait, and portrait with family or friends degree), will cost Rs. 1500
  • Convocation Complete Video will cost Rs. 300
  • Advance booking of photography package will be done on 13th Nov, 2015 from 9:00 am to 11:59 am at SEECS Academic Block Lobby. 
  • In case if video or photograph is misplaced/ damaged, no further charges will be taken from the students and a new copy will be sent free of cost.
  • All coordination of photography is to be done directly between Mr. Ghulam Rasool and respective student. SEECS will not be responsible for coordination and providing of photographs. 


Convocation Program 


1000 Hrs

Guest to be seated in the Jinnah Auditorium

1015 Hrs

Arrival of the Chief Guest


Procession Marchs In


National Anthem


Recitation from the Holy Quran

Address by Principal SEECS


Address by Rector NUST


Conferment of Degrees and Gold Medals


Address by the Chief Guest


Procession Leaves


Group Photograph

1230 Hrs


Awardees of Medals and Merit Certificates


  • All qualified graduates willing to attend are required to submit Rs. 3,000/- as Convocation fee through Bank Draft or Pay Order or Online Payment in Habab Bank Limited (HBL) in favor of:

    Account Title: NUST SEECS Scholarship, Security and Misc Charges/Disbursement Account.
    Account No: 22927000746301
    Swift Code: HABBPKKA007,
    Branch Code: 2292
    Address: Habib Bank Ltd NUST Sector H-12, Islamabad

  • According to NUST policy, students who have already acquired their degrees are also required to pay full convocation fee of Rs. 3000 

  • Registration Deadline:Thursday 5th November, 2015 (1400 hrs) - Register Online

  • Please send your scanned copy of Bank draft/ATM Transaction/Online Transfer of Rs. 3000 before 05th November, 2015 to with subject "Convocation 2015 Registration Fee | Your Name"

  • Only for Pay Order, students are required to submit the original receipt by hand or by courier to SEECS Information Office.
NUST-SEECS Postal Address

Convocation 2015 Help Desk - Information Office
NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Sector H-12, Islamabad. 
Info Office: +92-51-9085 2400