Chinese Day 2015

23rd April 2015

View Photo GalleryApril 23rd 2015 saw the first Chinese Day hosted by SEECS, NUST. The Chinese Cultural Counselor, Mr. Zhang Yingbao graced the occasion with his presence. He was received by Dr. Syed Muhammad Hasan Zaidi (Dean SEECS), Mr. Alex Yin and Mrs. Lisa Shen (Chinese Faculty), Ms. Aaesha Mushtaq (Student Coordinator - SEECS) and Ms. Wu Ran Lu. After a cup of tea with Dr. Zaidi, they were all escorted to the SEECS Seminar Hall where the event officially began with the opening addresses of Dr. Zaidi and Mr. Zhang Yingbao. Both of them talked about the strong brotherly ties between Pakistan and China, and the various agreements and projects being jointly worked upon in the fields of trade and commerce, education etc. The National Anthems of both the countries followed. A group of SEECS students then sang a Chinese Song, The Moon Represents My Heart to honor the occasion.

The guests, the faculty and the student body then made their way to the SEECS lobby where various activities had been organized. These included the ‘Make a Wish’ Tree which is a centuries old Chinese tradition, Minion Rush (a race holding chopsticks), the Chinese Hairdo stall for the girls, Photo-booth with Chinese props, the Souvenirs stall, Know-Your-Chinese-Name stall, and traditional Chinese food! Last but definitely not the least was the Chinese Calligraphy by the Cultural Counselor himself, which was indeed a treat to watch. Mr. Tu Huazhong, who is currently getting his PhD. in International Relations from the School of Social Sciences and Humanities (S3H), NUST was heading the Know-Your-Chinese-Name stall.

The festivity did not end here as a movie screening had also been planned for the next day (25th April) in the evening. The movie, The Forbidden Kingdom famous for its many martial arts sequences and starring both the legends Jackie Chan and Jet Li was selected for this purpose.

The whole organizing team put in lots of effort and hard work to make the event a success. The d├ęcor team deserves a special mention for the way they transformed the SEECS Lobby into a place right out of a Chinese movie in the very short time they had. A lot of effort was made by the marketing and events teams too to publicize the event and ensure its smooth running respectively. The various permissions and the tasks related to admin could not have been timely completed without the guidance of the student affairs coordinators, Ms. Shafaq Soomro and Ms. Aaesha Mushtaq. Here it would be unfair not to mention Ms. Wu Ran Lu, an 2nd year Electrical Engineering student at SEECS without whose initiative and determination this event could never have been possible.

Pak-Cheen Dosti Zindabad!

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