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isi knowledge logo eLibraryUSA provides members of Information Resource Centers (IRCs), American Corners (ACs), and Binational Centers (BNCs) with access to a broad range of online resources and databases. The collection includes resources about English language learning, study and travel to the United States, U.S. historical and cultural information, civil society, business and entrepreneurship, and science and technology.

eLibraryUSA offers access to over 20 authoritative databases, including English Language Learner, Encyclopedia Britannica, the Gale Virtual Reference Library, and more. Resources available through eLibraryUSA are listed in alphabetical order and grouped by categories. In addition, the Primo search box can be used to search several databases at once.

For help in using each of these databases, a Quick Guide is available on the eLibraryUSA home page. Click on the link next to the PDF icon below the database that you would like to use for a two-page overview of the service.

Individual Accounts

To request an individual account, see library officer for more information. You must be an individual who is a registered faculty and student of SEECS. Institutions and non-members of IRCs cannot request individual accounts to eLibraryUSA". the web site address is