Credit Transfer/Sharing policy for PG Students

NUST Students Attending Courses at Other Universities/DAIs

  • Credit Transfer/sharing is allowed only between HEC approved universities.
  • Students will apply on prescribed application form (available at Info Office-SEECS), duly endorsed by the GEC/HoD as the case may be.
  • Case will be fwd to host university through Registrar NUST.
  • Max of 6 shared credit hours including transferred credits (if any) can be accepted.
  • There is no restriction on number of additional (non-credit) courses
  • Counting of shared credits towards CGPA calculation will be as per NUST policy.
  • Min B and B+ grades of shared courses will be accepted for MS & PhD programs respectively.
  • The course should be taught by qualified faculty and should be of requisite level of studies.
  • The course should not be meant for improvement/repetition (however, such requests can be considered if the course is not likely to be offered at NUST)
  • Contents of the course should be attached with the application.
  • Tuition fee will be paid by the student as per rules of host university.

Students of Other Universities/DAIs Attending Courses at NUST

  • Credit transfer/sharing is allowed only between HEC approved universities.
  • List of courses being offered in a particular semester is available at
  • Students will submit request on specified application form (available with Information Office, SEECS).
  • Course fee of Rs 12000/- per subj will be charged in advance.
  • Course fee will be non-refundable – except in cases where applications are not accepted by NUST or applicants do not join the course.
  • Applicants should have min CGPA 3.00/4.00 in last result.
  • For any research publication generated from the course(s) studied at NUST, the name of NUST supervisor will be included as a co-author.
  • NUST rules and regulations pertaining to examination, evaluation, grading, leave, discipline, code of conduct etc will be applicable to the guest students.
  • Result of courses attended by a guest student will be directly intimated to host university and no transcript will be issued by NUST.

For more information please contact SEECS Exams Branch