MS/PhD in Electrical Engineering

The MS/PhD in Electrical Engineering program aims to produce highly-skilled professionals focused on productive research and development in the vast domain of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The programme will allow motivated researchers to expand their knowledge and acquire new skills in analysis and problem solving, creating challenging opportunities for a full, rewarding career. The programme will also cater the demands and needs of local industry and strategic R & D organisations of the country. The programme has been devised keeping in view the latest market demand and encompasses a broad area covering advanced digital and analogue electronics, communication, signal processing and multimedia, computer vision and advanced controls for robotics.

Direct PhD Programme:

Masters/MPhil/equivalent in the related field from an HEC recognised local or international institution of repute, with a minimum CGPA of 3.0 out of 4.0 or 70%. As per HEC requirement the candidate must qualify GRE (General) or local NTS subject test (if GRE subject is not available) with at least 50% score. The programme requires a minimum of 3 years on-campus duration and a maximum of 6 years.


Candidates will apply for admission in response to the NUST published advertisement. The applicant will then apply to Registrar NUST with prescribed application along with “Statement of Purpose” (for MS leading to Ph.D. and Ph.D. programs only) containing the proposed research proposal. In case of compliance of the applicant with the NUST policy; the final decision for the acceptance of the student for the PhD programme will depend on the approval by the proposed PhD supervisor who will interview the candidate.