Center for Excellence for Mobile Computing (CEMC)

Funded Projects:

Project Title: Aawaz
Funded By: HEC-TDF 1st Call
Project Start Date: Nov 2017
Duration: 2 years
Funding Amount: 6.9 M
Industry Partner: AFIRM
MoU signed: Pakistan Autism Health Sciences and Research Foundation

Project Brief:

Aawaz is artificial intelligence based language learning and communication platform for non-verbal users. It is the next generation Augmentative and Alternate Communication (AAC) application that generates speech and encourages user to explore new vocabulary and sentences. We focus on communication skills that are important for learning environment such as commenting on different topics, concepts, and objects not physically present in immediate environment. Aawaz enables children with learning disabilities to attain social and life skills through communication.

Projects Submitted for Funding:

Project Title: Beyond Data
Funded By: HEC-TDF 3rd Call
Duration: 2 years
Funding Amount: 9.6 M
Industry Partner: Falki Capital Pvt Ltd

Project Brief:

“Beyond Data” is a Natural Language Generation based platform that will revolutionize data analytics by generating meaningful text-based narratives to accompany graphical representation. It is an Artificial Intelligence based Narrative Generation Platform that will help managers to personalize relationship with customers and team members. Take an example of a medium size Stock Market Brokerage Firm that is managing 5,000 clients. On average 120 clients are actively trading on daily bases and 700 clients are active in a month. Every client receives a daily statement of his account representing ledger position (cash position) and custody position (shares position). The brokerage house believes that it could make clients more active by sending personalized actionable narratives along with daily financial statement. This will not only generate more revenue, but it will also increase the CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) and customer loyalty. The company will be required to hire 25 new employees who will be writing these personalized narratives and reaching customers in a timely fashion. Beyond Data platform can help such companies by transforming structured data into personalized narratives using Data Analytics, Natural Language Understanding, and Natural Language Generation.

Project Title:iLeap>

Funded By: HEC-TDF 3rd Call
Duration: 2 years
Funding Amount: 9.43 M
Industry Partner: Learn O Bots

Project Brief:

In the history of mankind, the access to information was never so much democratized, freely available on demand, and interlinked as it is today. Our new generation of learners is native to digital platforms with expectations of instant access to the information they seek. They like to learn through collaboration (social platforms) and require instant gratification with variable rewards. This new eco system of information is radically changing and enhancing the learning habits of young students.
The capability of students to interlink topics and learn through interdisciplinary thinking is evolving faster than the existing education system in Pakistan. Interdisciplinary Learning is about analyzing a problem or exploring a topic across domains and disciplines to discover new frontiers of knowledge and to encourage out of box problem solving. Knowledge learned from one discipline can be applied to another discipline to enhance the learning experience.
The team at “iLeap” believes that new knowledge will be created, and innovation will happen at the cross roads of different subjects and domains. Our idea is to provide high school learners in Pakistan with tools for interdisciplinary learning interfaced through social platform to develop innovative thinking and complex problem solving. This platform includes development of interdisciplinary content between subjects like physics, chemistry, and biology. We aim to develop interactive content for these subjects along with the capability to perform virtual experiments and share their results to start a conversation. We believe that these conversations will lead to collaborative and innovative thinking.