Masters in Information Security (MS-IS)

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The Masters in Information Security (MS-IS) program aims to produce highly-skilled professionals who are trained in three important areas of information security, namely Network Security, Computer Security, and Data Security. In addition to the focus on information security management and technical principles, another distinguishing aspect of the MS-IS program is the application of information security to research and development in advanced computer and communication systems. The coursework of the MS-IS program has been designed with a special emphasis on preparing research-ready students that can undertake significant postgraduate research work, as well as equipping them with practical knowledge needed to pursue a career in information security engineering. The program has been scheduled as follows:

Total duration Maximum 4 Years (Evening Program)
Total number of semesters Four (4)
Course work 3 semesters
Thesis 4th semester
Duration of Fall and Spring semesters 16 to 18 weeks of instruction or research
1 to 2 weeks for examinations
Duration of Summer semester: 10 to 12 weeks of instruction or research
1 week for examinations


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