Degrees Offered

Bachelors of Science in Computer Science (BS CS)

Undergraduate study of computer science requires students to utilize concepts from many different fields. The students of BSCS program will learn to integrate theory and practice, to recognize the importance of abstraction, and to appreciate the value of good engineering design. The program seeks to prepare students for lifelong learning that will enable them to move beyond today’s technology to meet the challenges of the future. More details

Masters of Science in Information Technology (MS IT)

The MS IT program is the first post-graduate program offered by the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at NUST. It trains students in specialized IT knowledge domains and also prepares them for conducting research. The students of this course are trained to pursue high quality research in IT and occupy senior positions in software industry. The entire program is run in the evening. More details

MS Leading to PhD in Computer Science

Department of Computing at NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS) is committed to train and produce graduates that have comprehensive knowledge of the largely overlapping fields of Information Technology, Software Engineering, and Computer Science. With this vision, undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Information Technology have been underway for the last many years. Starting from fall semester 2011, SEECS plans to offer another postgraduate degree which will be called Master of Science in Computer Science leading to PhD in CS. The aim of the degree is to create well-rounded computer scientists who can fulfill the demand for computer science researchers, academics, and practitioners in Pakistan. These computer scientists can also help strengthen SEECS research projects in core computer science areas. More details

PhD in Information Technology

PhD program in information technology provides a unique opportunity to the students to carry out research and advance their knowledge in the field of information technology. A PhD is not just a degree but also the route which prepares the doctorate holder to help transform concepts into reality; it also gives the individual a sense of accomplishment for contributing something new and unique to the corpus of knowledge. The selected applicants will be required to work full time on their research work. More details