Event Report: Learn & Teach Robotics Workshop Organized by CSP-SEECS Chapter 7-8th December 2013

The Computer Society of Pakistan - SEECS Chapter organized an exclusive two day workshop on Robotics. The head mentor of the workshop was Dr. Sohail Iqbal (Faculty Member of Department of Computing - SEECS).

The workshop was aimed at creating an interest among the students for programming and to help them understand the practical implementation of Programming. Furthermore, through this workshop, they were supposed to learn the basics of Robotics – both construction and programming.

LEGO Mindstorms nxt 2.0 Kits were used for Robots.

The event started off with its registration. There were total of 40 seats for students. The students were divided in the groups of two so hence there were total of 20 teams in the workshop. The event became so popular among the students that all the registrations were finished in the matter of few hours on a single day. All tickets were sold out on the registration desk placed in SEECS UG Lobby. Many students demanded for another version of this workshop so that they can participate in it. The registrations started on Monday, 18 September and ended on the same day.

The workshop was held on 7-8th December 2013. The venue was Basic Electronics Lab – SEECS. CSP-SEECS Chapter Executives spent 4 days working 4-5 hours each day in assembling the kits. They assembled 22 proper kits for the event.

First Day:

The participants started pouring in at 9 o’clock in the morning. The first day covered the basic tutorials of LEGO Mindstorms and basics of Robotics. Dr. Sohail Iqbal gave his introductory lecture on Robotics and covered the basic details of LEGO kit. The students had an interactive session with Dr. Sohail Iqbal.

Later on, the kits were handed to the participating teams. Each Team had a team name and there were many interesting team names as well, examples include NascentDroids, Team Infused, R2D2 and many others.
After handing over the kits, introductory lectures about LEGO software interface and the different components such as motors, sensors and bricks were given by the CSP volunteering team.

The participants learnt a great deal and were so eager to start that some of the teams started building their robots.

Dr. Sohail Iqbal delivering his introductory lecture

Since there were different competitions involved in the second day, the teams started preparing for it. Some of them started off by developing line tracking algorithms while others decided to construct the robot first.

In the meantime the CSP Volunteers helped the students whenever they were facing any sorts of difficulty.

After the break for lunch provided by CSP-SEECS, teams were briefed about the 2nd day competitions. The students started working for the competitions and the first day closed at 4:30 PM.

The students were very excited for the second day and they learnt a great deal on the first day about robotics. The lab attendant Sir Babar helped both CSP members and students in LEGO kits and programming where Saad Bin Khalid alumnus of NUST covered the event.

CSP-Volunteers helping Students

CSP Executive Council Members on First day

Second Day:

The second day started with much excitement as participants were looking to compete with each other. Teams got busy in developing algorithms and implementing them on their robots. The competitions were:

  • Line Tracking – whereby Robot was supposed to follow a specified track
  • Speed Racing – Head to Head Racing among robots
  • Sumo Wrestling – Head to Head Wrestling competition for Robots

The most difficult of all was the line tracking competition. The aim was not just to follow the line but to do it faster

than others. Teams spent most of the time on thiscompetition and hence few teams weren’t able to participate in one other competition.

The CSP Executives extended their help to students. After working on their robots, the students were taken to short visit of the competition venue. The venue for the competition was SEECS PG Basement.

After the lunch break, the competitions started at sharp 2 o’clock. Dr. Sohail Iqbal were the Head Referee for all the competitions.

The first event was Line Tracking, all the teams participated in the event. 4 Teams were able to completely follow the line but the fastest of them were: Ammar ul Mulk and Rafay Khan.

Participants testing their robots on
Self made path
A robot in the line tracking competition


The second event was Speed racing. Apart from two teams, all the teams contested this event with equal enthusiasm. After head to head knockout rounds, the final winning team for this competition was of: Abdullah Khan Tareen and Syed Qasim Raza Zaidi

The third competition was the most anticipated of all. Every team participated in this competition and everyone designed their bots to knock down others and throw them out of the field. Hence different interesting yet innovative designs appeared for the competition. After a tough knock out rounds, the final winners were: Armaghan Ahmed Khan and Saad Amin.

After the competitions, Dr. Kashif Rajpoot (faculty member of DOC) who were the chief guest for the second day and Dr. Sohail Iqbal had an interactive session with students and asked students of their opinion. The response of the students was encouraging. Many were of the view that such events should be held at regular basis and that they learnt a lot from this event.

Dr. Kashif Rajpoot and Dr. Sohail Iqbal then distributed the certificates among the winners.

Robots Fighting


The Contributors of Computer Society of Pakistan SEECS Chapter who played a key and important role in organizing this workshop need special mentioning. They are:

  • Asad Mahmood (President CSP-SEECS)
  • Osama Aslam Ansari (Vice President CSP SEECS)
  • Umair Sabir (Head Events)
  • Rizwan Asif (Head Coordinator)
  • Sidra Rashid (Marketing Head)
  • Anand Kumar (Head Human Resource)
  • Bilal Ahmed (General Secretary)
  • Mahrukh Javed (Editor in Chief)
  • Shaoor Ahmad (Head IT & Graphics Designing)
  • Mahjhabeen Asif (Head Décor)
  • Abdullah Khalil (IT & Graphics Designing Executive)
  • Hira Tariq (Photography Dept.)
  • Kamil Hamad (Events Executive)
  • Arslan Ahmed (Events Executive)
  • Fasih-ur-Rehman (Events Executive)
  • Emad Ehsan (Marketing Executive)
  • Hadia Malik (IT & Graphics Designing Executive)

Others Individuals who helped us are:

  • Saad Bin Khalid (Alumnus of NUST-SEECS)
  • Sir Babar (Lab Incharge Basics Electronics Lab- SEECS)
  • Sir Tahir Mahmood (Lab Incharge Digital Embedded systems Lab-SEECS)


Enthusiastic Participants at the Closing