KTH - AIS LAB at NUST SEECS is pleased to organize a seminar on Cloud Computing: Buzzword or Saviour??? 6th December 2013 | 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm |  NUST SEECS Seminar Hall

Cloud computing is a revolutionary technology that offers a wide range of benefits. Being a technology in demand for its cost effectiveness, better resource management and reduction in computational overhead more people and organizations are shifting their business to cloud. However, being in its nascent stages, there are many concerns that need to be addressed. The upcoming seminar will help you understand preliminary knowledge of cloud and will also provide you to explore new areas of research. Major focus in the seminar will be on the importance of cloud computing, trends of the field and qualms that avers the people from using the technology. A panel discussion will also be the part of the seminar, technologically adept persons will be giving their expert opinion on cloud technology, followed by a question/answer session to answer your queries.

The seminar is open for all NUST Students.