Technical Seminar : Design of a real time Image Processing Platform

"A Multi View Imaging (MVI) Processing Platform: Real Time Panoramic Mosaic Generation" is an ICT R&D funded project. The project is being carried out at VISpro Lab SEECS-NUST in collaboration with Epic Technologies Islamabad. 

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Vispro (SEECS) is organizing an information seminar titled "Design of a real time Image Processing Platform" on Wednesday, 3rd June 2015. 


Multi View Imaging (MVI) techniques are finding extensive usage in future multimedia, surveillance, inspection and video conferencing applications. During this seminar we shall share the design philosophy adopted to accomplish our designed multi-channel image processing platform that is able to generate real time panoramic videos. In particular following shall be the sub-modules of the seminar:

  • Introduction to Panoramic Videos
  • Requirement analysis for Real Time Panorama generation 
  • Designing an efficient memory support system
  • Higher level system design & testing 

The aim of the seminar is to make the attendees learn the steps taken to realize the a computationally intensive embedded solution. 

MS students are encouraged to attend the students.

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Time : 1730-1900 hrs
Venue: CR-21 (RIMMS Building)