Faculty achievements

Dr. Muhammad Awais Shibli (PI, SEECS-NUST) won a PKR 13.08 Million research grant for 2 years from the National ICT R&D Fund for the project titled ‘Extensible Access Control Framework for Cloud based Applications’.

dr shibliKTH- Applied Information Security Lab won a research grant for the project entitled “Extensible Access Control Framework for Cloud based Applications” by National ICT R&D Fund, Ministry of Information Technology. The proposal is approved with the proposed budget of 13 Million PKR over a period of 24 months.

This research project focuses on design and development of a generic access control framework to assure that IT operations of any enterprise can achieve reliable access control management for their applications hosted on SaaS delivery model of Cloud. The project will cater many security issues related to proper implementation and deployment of IT services and applications on Cloud. The primary aim is to facilitate private and public sectors by help assuring them that their information on Cloud is appropriately and securely managed.

"This is an excellent example of a project that will be appropriate for the transfer of current or future technologies to Cloud computing infrastructure. Cloud computing model is considered as one of the economical behind the scenes business methodologies of Pakistan and has a potential to work very successfully in the local and multinational companies. This project is one step to facilitate private and public sectors, higher education and research institutes of Pakistan by providing an open-source access control solution through which they can secure their data on Cloud or perform research on upcoming and existing access control models with respect to heterogeneous nature and security challenges of Cloud.”

This project is an initiative taken by KTH-AIS lab to make Pakistan visible as a credible partner in the worldwide Cloud Security community.