Faculty achievements

Dr. Saad Bin Qaisar, Electrical Engineering faculty at school of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is selected to head one of the four core working groups established by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority towards establishment of Pakistan Internet Exchange Point (IXP). Internet Exchange Points are one of the key enablers in Internet ecosystem and ensure peering among the autonomous systems for enhanced quality of service for end users. Currently, no IXP operates in Pakistan unlike other countries regionally. Dr. Saad Bin Qaisar had been campaigning for establishment of an IXP in Pakistan with Internet Society (ISOC) and is the key author on a joint study with Georgia Institute of Technology, USA on Internet Performance in Pakistan". The study provided key insights for intervention in Pakistan Internet ecosystem . According to Dr. Saad Bin Qaisar, NUST, being a neutral academic entity, is ideally placed to facilitate Pakistani Internet community by providing a peering point for establishment of IXP via its infrastructure leading to tremendous local and international activity for the operators and service providers to peer at NUST. The IXP is also a strong attraction for big content providers like Akamai (Facebook) , Google and Dailymotion to place their servers at IXP premises creating immense activity for research, experimentation and enhanced local services. The working groups start their deliberations w.e.f 27th May, 2015.