Faculty achievements

Dr. Saad Qaisar selected track chair for Cyber Physical Systems track at 12th International Conference on Computational Sciencs & Applications (ICCSA), Salvador, Brazil (2012)

International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications (ICCSA), now in its 12th year from inception, has allocated a workshop on Cyber Physical Systems to Dr. Saad Qaisar, director, CoNNekT Lab and their Korean collaborator, Dr. Moonseong Kim (Korean Intellectual Property Office). This is the first time at ICCSA that Cyber Physical Systems would be included as a track with a stand alone representation, and first Pakistani to serve in ICCSA track chair capacity. The US National Science Foundation (NSF) has identified cyber physical systems as key area of national priority to maintain global economic and technological competitiveness. Having a Pakistani representation in such a significant domain would go a long way in ensuring global competitiveness in high tech systems and products. Its pertinent to mention that Dr. Saad Qaisar is already a Principal Investigator of three significant national and international projects in the domain of Cyber Physical Systems for next three years (2014).

Deadline for paper submission is 15th of January, 2012. Further details available at http://cyphy.seecs.nust.edu.pk or simply search, MSA4CPS.