Faculty achievements

Dr. Osman Hasan (NUST SEECS) along with Prof. Dr. Sofiene Tahar (Concordia University, Montreal, Canada) and Dr. Mohamed Salah Hamdi (Ahmed Bin Mohammed Military College, Qatar) won a USD 0.922 million research grant from Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF under their National Priorities Research Program (NPRP).

Dr. Osman HassanThis collaborative research project, entitled “Formalization of Information Theories and Application in Safety-critical Engineering Systems", will commence in early 2013 and will continue for three years. The project primarily focusses on developing novel formal methods, i.e., a computer based mathematical technique, and probabilistic artificial neural networks (PNN), to facilitate the accurate and precise performance and reliability analysis of engineering systems that exhibit probabilistic behavior. This feature is very useful in the design and analysis of safety-critical systems, such as, medicine, transportation and space missions, where an erroneous analysis could result in heavy financial losses or even the loss human lives at times. In order to illustrate the practical effectiveness of the proposed development, the researchers plan to utilize it to analyze probabilistic and information theoretic aspects associated with the reliability assessment of oil and gas pipelines. Besides, being an illustrative application, this exercise will improve the accuracy of results of state-of-the-art in pipeline leakage assessment tools and thus would ultimately result in the reduction of pipeline leakage related incidents in Qatar and all around the world.

The reviewer’s feedback was very positive about the proposed research and on the collaborative team. One of the reviewers commented “I have the greatest respect for both Sofiène Tahar and Osman Hasan. They are both leaders in their fields and among the best people in the world to undertake this research. And I can say this with 100% confidence”.