Faculty achievements

Dr Latif Anjum secured funding of PKR 4.70M for his project in the domain of mobile robotics through HEC-NRPU

A research proposal of Dr. Latif Anjum and Dr. Osman Hasan (PI and Co-PI respectively) titled "Developing an Efficient and Robust SLAM Algorithm for Indoor and Outdoor Mobile Robots" has been approved for funding through HEC's National Research Program for Universities (NRPU). The funding of the project is 4.70M which covers the permanent equipment, HR and administrative cost. The permanent equipment includes PIONEER mobile robot, SICK LMS500 laser sensor, stereo vision cameras, Kinect sensor, and IMU for robot navigation. The equipment will serve the needs of students from SEECS who are interested in robotics during after the completion of the project. Through this project, state of the art SLAM algorithms for indoor and outdoor robot navigation will be developed which are essential for autonomous robot navigation in unknown environment.