Faculty achievements

Three Journal Papers & Three Conference Papers by Dr.Hassaan Khaliq Qureshi have been Accepted in past three months

3rd May, 2019

1. Three Journal papers accepted in past three months

Z. Iftikhar , S. Jangsher, H. K. Qureshi, M. Aloqaily , "Resource Efficient Allocation and RRH Placement for Backhaul of Moving Small Cells", IEEE Access, Vol. 1 , No. 1-10, Mar, 2019. IF: 3.55

N. Ashraf , A. Hassan, H. K. Qureshi, M. Lestas , "Combined Data Rate and Energy Management in Harvesting Enabled Tactile IoT Sensing Devices", IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, Vol. 1 , No. 1-12, Feb, 2019. IF: 5.43

N. Ashraf, , M. Faizan, W.Asif, H. K. Qureshi, A. Iqbal, M. Lestas , "Energy Management in Harvesting Enabled Sensing Nodes: Prediction and Control", Elsevier Journal of Network and Computer Applications (JNCA), Vol. 132 , No. 104-117, Jan, 2019. IF: 3.991

2. Three conference papers accepted in past three months

S. M. Danish , M. Lestas, W. Asif, H. K. Qureshi, M. Rajarajan, "A Lightweight Blockchain based Two Factor Authentication Mechanism for LoRaWAN Join Procedure", Proceedings of the IEEE 53rd International Conference on Communications (ICC), May, 2019, Shangai , China.

A. B. Masood , H. K. Qureshi, M. Lestas, S. M. Danish , "Realizing an Implementation Platform for Closed Loop Cyber-Physical Systems using Blockchain", Proceedings of the IEEE 89th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC), Apr, 2019, Kuala Lumpu , Malaysia.

M. Amjad , H. K Qureshi, S. Jangsher , "Optimization of slot allocation in hybrid VLC/RF networks for throughput maximization", Proceedings of the IEEE Wireless Days (WD) Conference, Apr, 2019, Manchester , United Kingdom