Faculty achievements

Dr Syed Ali Khayam,  made his mark as the proud recipient  of HEC Best Young Scholar Award in  Engineering and Technology category

Dr Syed Ali Khayam, an outstanding faculty member of NUST School of electrical Engineering and Computer Science, once again made his mark as the proud recipient  of “HEC Best Young Scholar Award in  Engineering and Technology" category every year. Only one award is reserved for this category. The award is granted on the basis of the number and quality of publications, written abstracts, conference presentations and academic achievements during the last calendar year. 

 Dr. Khayam is the founding director of the Wireless and Secure Networks (WiSNet) Research Lab at NUST-SEECS [http://wisnet.seecs.nust.edu.pk]. He has over 70 publications in some of the most prestigious publication venues in his areas of interest. Most of his research publications are in conferences (ACM CCS, ACM SOUPS, RAID, ACSAC, etc.) and journals (ACM Sigcomm CCR, Computers & Security, Ad Hoc Networks, Computers Communications, etc.) where very few, if any, indigenous papers from Pakistan were accepted before. In addition to his research publications, Dr. Khayam has also developed technologies for high-tech technology companies (including many public Silicon Valley companies like Mavell Technologies, Cavium Networks and WiChorus/Tellabs) which are now deployed worldwide in the companies' products. He has received research awards from many academic and industrial research organizations, including Pakistan National ICT R&D Fund, Marvell Technologies, Cavium Networks, WiChorus/Tellabs, Nokia-Siemens Networks, Nokia Research, Vertical Systems, and Korean Research Foundation. He currently has 4 patents pending at USPTO.