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Research Paper has been accepted by Dr. Muhammad Moazam Fraz's

7th Aug, 2018

Dr Muhammad Moazam Fraz's paper titled "Retinal vasculometry associations with cardiometabolic risk factors in the European Prospective Investigation of Cancer Norfolk study." is accepted for publication in the Elsevier's Journal "Ophthalmology" having impact factor 7.479 in Aug 2018. 

The paper exploits the application of machine learning and Image processing techniques for extraction of anatomical and pathological structures in human retinal images. Afterwards. the associations between retinal vessel morphometry and cardiometabolic risk factors are analyzed.

Metabolic risk factors show a graded association with both tortuosity and width of retinal venules, even among people without clinical diabetes, whereas atherosclerotic risk factors correlate more closely with retinal arteriolar width, even excluding those with hypertension and cardiovascular disease. 

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