Faculty achievements

Dr. Osman Hasan attended the 42nd Islamic Development Bank’s (IDB’s) Annual Meeting

12-20th May, 2017

Dr. Osman Hasan attended the 42nd Islamic Development Bank’s (IDB’s) Annual Meeting from May 12 to May 20, 2017 in Jeddah, KSAn and presented the SEECS project SmartSIM at the Innovation Exhibition.

Aware of the importance of innovation for greater development and economic growth, the IDB have been organizing exhibition of innovative solutions from its Member Countries since 2013. Encouraged by the successes achieved in last four years, the IDB once again staged a five-day innovation exhibition from 14-18 May 2017 in Jeddah to show-case models of innovation in member countries that have helped to address the development challenges. The exhibition served as a major platform for sharing expertise and best practices in innovative solutions.