Faculty achievements

SEECS and Bitsym collaboration got approval for funding from TDF appx 11.5 million PKR

16th May, 2018

Summary: Our solution will enable end-to-end item tracking and effectively enforce quality and compliance checks across industrial supply chains. Our solution will be powered by a blockchain platform along with RFID and sensing technology. RFID tags have proven very effective in the past in automating supply chains but face fundamental restrictions as supply chains grow large and complex. The blockchain, on the other hand, overcomes these obstacles, by ensuring data integrity and access in a secure, transparent, and decentralized manner.

Currently, there are no such commercial products on the market (the only similar solutions are early pilot projects being conducted by major international brands like Walmart and Maersk). We propose to develop this solution indigenously for local industry. The benefits are considerable: our system will be developed at significantly lower cost than foreign supply chain management solutions. Using our solution, supply chain operators will be able to identify and overcome inefficiencies in the system, ensure compliance measures, as well as mount effective recall operations.